CVTA Calendar 2020-2021


Important Notes:

• Staff meetings should occur on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of every month.

• You are allowed one absence only for dues reimbursement, for ANY reason. More than one absence means you do not qualify for the refund. No reimbursements will be provided if you say you forgot to sign in. Make sure to sign yourself in at every meeting.


• Always use the CVTA 5 minutes during staff meetings, even if just to take questions.

August 2020

6-CVUSD Board Mtg. (D.O.)

7-Health Benefits Open Enrollment ends

11-12-13 Teacher Workdays

14-First Day of School

19-CVTA Virtual Office Hours (4-5 pm)

20-CVUSD Board Mtg. (D.O.)

26-Eboard Mtg.

TBD-CVTA Welcome Back Social

TBD-New Teacher Orientation


September 2020

1-30-Catastrophic Bank Open Enrollment Article

7-Labor Day Holiday

9-Rep Council Mtg.

10-CVUSD Board Mtg. (OA)

10-Class Size Requirement deadline Article 17.1.10

12-Fall Leadership (Virtual)

23-CVTA Virtual Office Hours (4-5 pm)

24-CVUSD Board Mtg. (D.O.)

30-Eboard Mtg.

30-Site Budget Notification deadline Article 27.7.6


October 2020

8-CVUSD Board Mtg. (CVHS)

14-Rep Council Mtg.

15-Face-to-Face Mtg. for Evals deadline

20-CVTA Virtual Office Hours (4-5 pm)

22-CVUSD Board Mtg. (D.O.)

23-25-State Council (Los Angeles)

27-Middle School Conferences

28-Eboard Mtg.

29-High School Conferences


November 2020

4-Rep Council Mtg.

6-1st yr. Probationary Mtg. deadline Article

11-Veterans Day Holiday

12-CVUSD Board Mtg. (D.O.)

13-15-CTA New Educator Weekend, South

17-Eboard Mtg.

18-19-Elementary Conferences

23-27-Thanksgiving Break


December 2020

2- CVTA Virtual Office Hours (4-5 pm)

4-6-LGBTQ+ Issues Conference (Palm Springs)

9-Rep Council Mtg.

10-CVUSD Organizational & Board Mtg. (D.O.)

16-Eboard Mtg.

17-31-Winter Break 

January 2021

1-Winter Break, continued

13-Rep Council Mtg.

15-17-Issues Conference (Las Vegas)

18-MLK Holiday

20-CVTA Virtual Office Hours (4:30 - 5:30 pm)

22-24-State Council (Los Angeles)

27-Eboard Mtg.


February 2021

10-Rep Council Mtg.

12-Lincoln's Birthday Holiday

15-Washington's Birthday Holiday

17-CVTA Virtual Office Hours (4:30 - 5:30 pm)

24-Eboard Mtg.

26-28-Equity and Human Rights Conference (Santa Clara)


March 2021

3-CVTA Virtual Office Hours (4:30 - 5:30 pm)

10-11-Elementary Conferences

12-14-Good Teaching Conference-South (Garden Grove)

15-Preliminary RIF notice/Non-re-Elect deadline

17-Rep Council Mtg.

23-High School Conferences

25-Middle School Conferences

31-Eboard Mtg.


April 2021

1-Notice of Vacancies posted Article 9.2

2-9-Spring Break

9-11-State Council (Los Angeles)

14-Rep Council Mtg.

21-CVTA Virtual Office Hours (4:30 - 5:30 pm)

22-Final Eval Conference Deadline (end of work day) Article 10.1.8

28-Eboard Mtg.


May 2021

1-Notice of Vacancies posted Article 9.2

4-National Day of the Teacher

5-Rep Council Mtg.

12-CVTA Virtual Office Hours (4:30 - 5:30 pm)

14-Final RIF notice/Non-re-Elect deadline

19-Eboard Mtg.

26-Rep Council Mtg/Dinner

28-Last Day to Notify of Assignment (end of work day) Article 9.10 31-Memorial Day Holiday

TBD-Spring Social

TBD-CA Day of the Teacher


June 2021

3-Last Day of School

4-6-State Council (Los Angeles)